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Welcome to the Loke Battle Mats 'Maps for Writers' Programme

Do you want maps for your adventure writing?

We have compiled a special pack of maps for use by RPG Writers in written adventures.

It's free.

Maps for Writers

How Does it Work?

Download any of our special Maps for Writers map packs from DriveThruRPG and you will have a pack of maps that you can use at reference size in your written adventures!

Many of these maps are also modular and will allow you to build bespoke layouts.

These maps can be used in digital products or printed products, subject to the below terms and conditions, by downloading these files you confirm you agree to the terms & conditions laid out below.

Terms and Conditions

We intend for these maps to be used at reference scale, not battle map play scale. We define reference scale as anything up to one quarter of battle map scale, where Battle Map scale is 1 inch per grid square on the map. So, for example, a map that is 1 foot across (12 x 1 inch squares at battle map scale) can be included at any size up to 3 inches.

You can use our maps, at reference scale, in written materials for personal and commercial usage, as long as the primary value of the product is not the map asset itself.

You can amend our maps, add any notes or features your adventure requires, and use multiple maps to create your own reference layouts (many of our maps are modular).

Our (brief!) licensing agreement must be included in your product.

Optionally you can also use our Maps for Writers Logo to help us raise awareness of our programme. (But you can’t use Loke Battle Mats logo on any product).

You can’t reproduce the maps at battle map scale in print or online, or any other scale than the specified Reference scale as defined here.

You can’t distribute the stand-alone maps.

You can’t create products where the primary value of the product is the map, for example merchandise like a mug or T-Shirt that someone would buy specifically because of the map printed on it.

Any inclusion of our maps or Maps for Writers logo in or on works which promote hate, or which we (Loke Battle Mats) deem to discriminate against anyone, for any reason, will be deemed in breach of our terms and conditions, and will result in the license being invalidated if you fail to cure such breach within 30 days of becoming aware of the breach.

By downloading and using any Maps for Writers ‘map pack’ you indicate you accept our terms and conditions.

Licensing Agreement - This must be included where our maps are used.

Maps provided by Loke Battle Mats. Loke Battle Mats’ Maps for Writers Copyright Loke IP Holdings 2022 All Rights Reserved.
Loke hereby grants a perpetual, worldwide, royalty free, non-exclusive license to use Loke Battle Mats’ Maps for Writers maps subject to the terms of this license to use, which can be found at
The use of Loke Battle Mats’ Maps for Writers map assets and Maps for Writers logo does not constitute a challenge to the ownership of any product identity that contains them.

How to Get The Map Packs?

All of the map packs included in this programme ave available via DriveThruRPG

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Maps for Writers

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