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Adventure Box

Adventure Box: Valley of Peril

Following our New product announcement at GenCon 2020 we are delighted to reveal more details about our new Adventure Box.

Modular laminated battle maps with a 11x17 grid fold into this amazing magnetic box. These lay flat maps make up the Valley of Peril, with forest, mines, ruined castles and many other encounter areas. Each map page is double sided and aligns with the other pages allowing the Game Master to build a world for their adventure.

As well as the maps our Adventure Box also contains tokens. Adversaries, monsters, scenery, terrain and buildings such as taverns can now be added to these maps in moments. These tokens are printed on laminated 300GSM card and are perfect to move around during your adventure.

All our tokens are of course double sided, adding even more options for encounters!

The Adventure Box – Valley of Peril – will be released Easter 2021.

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