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Maps for Writers

Maps for Writers

Add Reference Maps to Your Adventures

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New Kickstarter!

Attention Adventurers! New Kickstarter Alert!

Two RPG Toolboxes packed with maps, maps, monsters, encounters, adventures, maps and much more!

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RPG Toolboxes

Adventure Upgrade Kit

B&N Exclusive Adventure Upgrade Kit

Adventure Upgrade Kit

Take your game beyond the table!

Loke Battle Mats are delighted to present their Adventure Upgrade kit - Available exclusively from Barnes & Noble in store and online. This kit is designed to immerse your RPG encounter in your setting by creating an inspiring and engaging scene. By increasing the immersion of an encounter, you really encourage your players to roleplay beyond combat encounters. The kit also contains a beautifully illustrated GM screen to set the scene and 100+ add-on scenery clings which allows you to add hundreds of scenes, from forests to dungeons to towns, to your existing battle map in moments.

The Adventure Upgrade kit is a Must have for any DMs toolkit. It includes

  • Loke Battle Mats' Immersive GM Screen
  • 100+ Add-On Scenery clings

You can pick up Loke Battle Mats' Adventure Upgrade Kit in Barnes & Noble stores and from www.barnesandnoble.com

The Wilderness

The Wilderness

Your Wild Adventure Starts Here! Plot perilous encounters on our beautifully detailed maps as your party navigate their path through The Wilderness!

A Map for any wild encounter

Guide your party as they scale perilous mountains, brave angry seas and traverse scorching deserts. Plot the path of your adventure through dense rain forest floors, dark and perilous woods and challenging heathlands. Every turn reveals canyons, raging rivers and even splintering ice sheets.

Loke Battle Mats' trademark two book format allows you to use one map page for smaller encounters, or combine both books to create 2x2 foot map areas. And with standard entry/exit points you can line up the pages to create exactly the maps you need!

Create immersive encounters in seconds

Add-On Scenery for RPG Maps - Wilderness are the perfect addition to your battle mat! A pack of 100+ static clings featuring wild & perilous features, these Wilderness Add-Ons allow you to create an engaging, immersive encounter scene in moments.

Perfect to use with any of Loke Battle Mat's Book of Battle Mats range, or indeed any laminated battle map, these clings let you set a scene ahead of the game, or lay features in seconds to surprise your payers. Trees, traps, camps, an oasis or even appealing mushrooms. A hundred scenery options at your fingertips mean you'll never be short of ideas for the next encounter!

More Peril please!

Loke Battle Mats' Little Book of Battle Mats - Wilderness Edition - is the ideal companion to The Wilderness.

Packed with added peril - perfect to add onto an existing battle map or reveal for random encounters. This little 6x6 inch book has laminated map pages featuring dangerous wild places. Tidal caves, shipwrecks, forest paths and even suspicious alters. Just open and roll!

The Wilderness

Encounters, Screen & Twists

Immersive Screen, Deck & Encounters Book

Immersive Screen, Deck & Encounters Book

Roll up an Adventure in Moments with Untold Encounters of the Random Kind!

This 350 page hardbacked book is packed with 1000+ random encounters, random tables, inspiration for settings, adventure generators and 6 pre-written 5E Adventures! You can roll up a random encounter in moments or use the adventure generator to plan an entire campaign.

Use on the spot to surprise everyone or sit down and plan our your game using our encounters. The choice is yours! We also include 3 adventure generators to help design an entire campaign in a Dungeon, Town or Wilderness setting.

1000+ Random Encounters

Untold Encounters is fully 5E compatible, and includes chapters focusing on adventures in the wilderness, town and dungeon settings. We have arranged each of these chapters into sections (for example, woodland, desert, high streets, cemetery etc). For our Dungeon encounters we include sections on doors, traps, enemies, and more). This is to enable you to select and roll for encounters which best fit your requirements.

Fully 5E Compatible

Untold Encounters of the Random Kind is written to fit any fantasy RPG. Additionally we have included comprehensive 5E conversion guides and six prewritten 5E adventures to demonstrate how we used the book to write and run 5E adventures.

Immerse any encounter in your setting with Loke's immersive GM Screen.

This beautifully illustrated, double sided artwork screen features a wilderness landscape on one side and a stunning townscape on the other. It is designed to increase the immersion of any encounter by encouraging players to really embrace the setting of the encounter.

The GM Screen is long and low which allows you easy access to the action on the table while at the same time concealing your notes and dice rolls. The screen is laminated for durability which means it is also wipe clean so notes can be taken using a non-permanent marker and handily it can be used to store Loke Battle Mats' Add-On scenery clings in preparation for the game.

Deck of Combat Twists.

Ideal to randomise any combat encounter this handy deck of 150 cards has you covered! Deal your party some surprises with our Wild Magic, randomise where the NPC targeting and tactics and roll with environmental effects to keep every combat fresh and engaging!

Adventure Box: Valley of Peril

Box of Adventure

Modular laminated battle maps with a 11x17 grid fold into this amazing magnetic box. These lay flat maps make up the Valley of Peril, with forest, mines, ruined castles and many other encounter areas. Each map page is double sided and aligns with the other pages allowing the Game Master to build a world for their adventure.

As well as the maps our Adventure Box also contains tokens. Adversaries, monsters, scenery, terrain and buildings such as taverns can now be added to these maps in moments. These tokens are printed on laminated 300GSM card and are perfect to move around during your adventure.

All our tokens are of course double sided, adding even more options for encounters!

The Adventure Box – Valley of Peril – will be released July 2021.

Adventure Box

Towns & Taverns

Towns & Taverns

Towns and Taverns

Our latest modular Battle Mat Book Set

Inspire a new campaign of adventures on this adaptable and portable two book fantasy Towns & Taverns map set which will evolve with your adventure. Risk everything or play it safe as you negotiate deadly Murder Alleys, endless mazes of rooms, epic manor houses and of course multiple taverns all designed to keep your party inspired and rolling through our challenging urban fantasy scenes!

Towns & Taverns will work alongside the Dungeon Books to make even larger areas and take your adventure on to the city streets!

Battle Map Board

Battle Map Board

The Battle Map Board is a fold out double-sided re writable battle map board for tabletop RPGs. Featuring a Dungeon flagstone floor and grassland designs, both with a 1 inch grid, the battle map board provides the perfect backdrop for any encounter. The durable laminated surface allows use of any non-permanent marker to add features and buildings.

The Battle Map Board fits on a shelf or in your bag with your rulebooks for easy transport and storage. Laminated and compatible with add-on scenery static clings and white board markers so you can create an immersive encounter in moments.

Just Fold Out & Roll.

Folding Map Board

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Volume 2 Battle Mat Books

Battle Mat Books

Loke BattleMats have announced the release of their much-anticipated Volume 2 Books of Battle Mats. These additions to the award-winning fantasy RPG map book range carry on the adventure with new maps covering every popular encounter area!

An RPG Map for any encounter at your fingertips in a book that travels with you. Opens to create huge RPG encounter maps. The maps are wipe clean and themed to be customisable and reusable to suit any encounter.

Volume 2 Battle Mat BookS

CyberPunk Books

CyberPunk Books

Modular Battle Mat Book Set

Attention Adventurers! Relax and run your party through the shadows in style with Loke BattleMats Books of CyberPunk Battle Mats!

Published in 2 sizes – The A4 Big Book of CyberPunk Battle Mats and A3 The Giant Book of CyberPunk Battle Mats – these books offer endless flexibility.

Covering a wide range of all the essential encounter areas for CyberPunk, Modern Day and Post Apocalyptic Roleplaying Games, you will have the map for any encounter at your fingertips.

Confront corporate rivals, sneak through neon streets, explore derelict train yards or pop into the subway, we’re sure you’ll find adventure and reward in equal measure!

The Dungeon Books of Battle Mats

Modular Battle Mat Book Set

Attention Adventurers! Grab your dice and get ready to roll initiative as the game is afoot and it just went modular!

The Dungeon Books of Battle Mats offer a set of two adaptive books of RPG battle maps which line up to create one endlessly evolving dungeon

Standard entry/exit points and a 360° spine allow you to create anything up to a 24”x24” play area from a set of books that fits on your bookshelf and in your bag!

This pair of books have 1 foot square (12"x12") RPG battle mat pages and are a must have tool to illustrate your game and track your dungeon combat scenes.

Modular Battle Mat Book Set

Digital Content

Digital Content

Our designs are also available as digital titles for home printing or virtual tabletop use.

You'll find them all available on DriveThruRPG

Prepare for Adventure!

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